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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Dreamfitness D1000



Your enquiry:- Email sent            28/01/2014 10:32:33    Dreamfitness D1000       


Just after some advice concerning a Dreamfitness d1000 treadmill around 4 years old. It is slipping badly when in use and it has gradually got worse over the past few months. If I step hard on the belt, it can almost stop! I have sprayed silicon spray under the belt as advised, and tightened up the screws at the back of the belt a lot. These screws are extremely tight now! Where do I go from here? Shall I slacken the screws right off and start again? It seems worse after being put in the folded position and being unfolded again. Any tips would be gratefully received. Thanks. N.       





Dear N.


Thanks for your enquiry. I’m the Treadmill Engineer and I’ll do my best to assist you.


I recommend you check the drive belt (motor to front pulley). You may also need to slacken off the running belt once you have fixed the problem as this should not be overtightened. A full service may be the answer which we can do if you need it!


Please let me know how you wish to proceed. If you wish to book yourself in for a visit, we have an online booking form or you can reply to this email with your full address and I will make the arrangements for you! We are currently working on a 7-10 day lead time to arrange a visit.


I look forward to hearing from you.


The Treadmill Engineer

Northwick Associates Limited

27 Aintree Road

Keytec 7 Business Park


WR10 2JN


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