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Friday 15 March 2013

Northwick Push Wolves to the Edge


Northwick push Wolves to the edge

Report by Jon Isaacs, March 2013
Someone said “It’s a funny old game” but it certainly doesn’t feel like it when you’re fighting for survival in the Championship. Renowned for being one of the toughest leagues in the world, the Championship is a place where a competive edge really does make all the diference. As the season finale approaches, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ fight is now reaching a climax. At the Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground, there is a tangible sense of purpose and determination as the First Team are put through their paces ahead of Saturday’s crucial game. You sense that everyone is fired up for this one.
Phil Hayward, Head of the Medical Department at Wolves, is no exception. Given the high expectations placed upon everyone in the gym today, it is easy to forget that Phil’s staff carry the added responsibility of providing the Manager with the maximum number of match-fit players available for selection for all of the remaining fixtures, not just the next game on Saturday. In fact, the players need to be more than just match-fit, they need to be match-winning-fit and this is exactly why a competitive edge is so vital.
To this end, Chloe Young from Cybex is busy giving the Medical Staff some training on what their new Arc Trainers can bring to the mix. She explains that they are proven to burn more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical on the market and that what sets the Arc apart from rival products is its innovative pattern of motion; Arc Trainers engage the key muscles in the quads and glutes that demand the most energy from the body, working these hard to build both strength and stamina yet providing a non-impact full range of motion that ensures the hip and knee moves together. In other words, the Arc is demanding of the muscles not the joints, so no strain is placed on the knees, hip or back and the common ‘elliptical knee’ is avoided – perfect for professional footballers – and not at all like a cross trainer. As if to reinforce this, she points to a small area of the display panel on the machine which, considering it’s the pièce de résistance, is rather understated. It shows how much instantaneous power is being generated by the human body whilst exercising on the Arc Trainer. The scale can go up to 900W which is enough energy to power an electric kettle. That’s pretty impressive especially when I think that the most electrical power I’ve ever generated was barely enough to illuminate the lights on my bike when I was a kid!
Listening carefully is Tim Hosell from Northwick. Tim runs the Academy at Northwick and has a successful background in running gyms and providing expert PT instruction. He is currently training for a Duathalon (which, in laymans terms, is much longer than a marathon) and he is well placed to differentiate between idle sales patter and a robust argument. Today, he seems quite satisified that the science behind the machinery, as explained by Chloe, is genuine and well founded. Tim’s actually here to help identify ways in which the training ground gym facilities can be improved for the future. In fact, that is how the Arc Trainers got here in the first place and there’s a strong synergy between Northwick, Cybex and Phil’s Medical Team as they all share a common interest in delivering best practise, competitive advantage and match-winning results.
And finally, there’s George Elokobi, Wolves star defender, who is pictured on the Arc Trainer. George only turned up for the photo shoot, but then there is an important match to be played on Saturday so it’s best that he doesn’t over do things!
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