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Sunday 23 October 2016

DIY fitness machine maintenance movies

Autumn and winter is always our busiest time of year for repairs and maintenance as the increased usage and colder weather are both contributory factors to equipment failure. Therefore it is worth spending a few moments to check over your machine to make sure it is set up and lubricated correctly – a little TLC goes a long way to preventing breakdowns!


With this in mind, I have recently finished filming a series of short DIY maintenance movies to show you what to do. The movies cover all essential maintenance and how to fix common problems - you can reach the movies via the YouTube link below. In one of the movies I show you how to lubricate your machine to prevent overloading and in another I show you how to fix irritating squeaks, rattles and vibrations; I think that if your machine sounds and feels right then it follows that it should be running right as well!


Here is the link to the movies:


(It’s worth saying that if you are at all concerned about clicking through on this link then you can also access the movies via our website – just google search “Northwick Gym Repairs”).


And, if you find the movies helpful then stay up-to-date by clicking the big red “subscribe” button in the top right hand corner of our YouTube channel.

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