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Thursday 2 January 2014

Life Fitness 95T motor controller fault finding advice





Life Fitness 95T 



Original Enquiry:


Dear Treadmill Engineer, I'm looking for help to repair this treadmill.


Everything seems OK except that the motors do not move at all (belt and incline). Controller board is A080-92343-0000 Rev. B. It has no burnt fuses or components, board looks fine, IGBT module seems to measure fine with the multimeter (no shorts or openings or differences between its sections). Test menu shows all as ""OK"" but still the motors do not move.


What would you check first in this scenario? Thank you!







Treadmill Engineer Reply:-


Dear M


Thanks for your enquiry.


I would test the wiring and safety key circuit first. If these are ok then in my experience, this kind of fault is usually a failed controller. We do not tend to perform testing on the controller or IGBT as the results can be misleading or inconclusive especially when testing in-circuit. Instead, I would check the motor windings and resistance of windings to earth and if necessary get the motor refurbished by a rewind specialist if there is any doubt (ideally you should test the motor with an insulation tester rather than a multimeter and you should find that winding resistance to be 2-3 ohms and there should be no leakage to earth). If the motor is faulty the new controller will fail again!


Also check the running belt and platform for wear before you change the controller. A lack of lubrication and belt wear will cause the controller to fail due to excessive current. For information, the incline motor will not normally operate unless the running belt is turning first, however, you can also test it with a meter or even power it directly to check it operates.


If you are happy that the wiring, safety circuit, motor, running belt, and platform are ok then the problem will most probably be with the motor controller.


Also some 95T treadmill were built for domestic use (even though the treadmill looks the same as the full commercial version) and these machines have controllers which are not suitable for prolonged use such as in a gym – you’ll need to check the part numbers with Lifefitness to find out whether you have a domestic grade or commercial grade controller fitted.


I hope this helps and good luck!


The Treadmill Engineer


Northwick Associates Limited

27 Aintree Road

Keytec 7 Business Park


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