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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Used Specialist Equipment For Sale

I have contact selling a selection of hi performance equipment.

Please see below to view overview of items which are reported to be in full working order and good condition. Please contact me if you are interested and I will pass your details on to the seller. Photos are available.

Integrated Unweighting

By reducing the risk and fear of falling the PneuTrack 50 Unweighting inspires confidence in athletes and takes training to a whole new level. The Single point suspension allows for 360° rotation, multiplanar exercises, unrestricted shoulder and pelvic movement. Our unique integrated design allows unobstructed access and visibility.
• Two modes of operation and a drop stop:
o Safety Mode prevents falls if a client losses their balance.
o Exercise Mode has 30" of vertical oscillation and is used for large vertical movements such as jumping, stair climbing,
• Height adjustable.
• All Steel Construction
• Coating will not scratch, chip, crack or fade
• Patented "Force Multiplier System" with 5 HP sealed AC motor.
• 6 preset program and 3 custom program protocols.
• Side mount control panel for easy access
• Displays: Cals/Mets/Watts, Time, Distance/Pulse, Incline, and Speed
• Patented Flip-Up handrails for serious runners.
• Natural Stride Response two stage shock absorbing system.
• No Maintenance reversible deck.
• 2000 lb. (1 ton) Lift Motor Capacity
• Soft Rubber Orthopedic Belt
• Safety Stop
• 220V – 30 Amp dedicated circuit RS-232 Serial Port
* Includes silent compressor and PneuVest / harness.

Custom Made and build to Last

Watson Glute Ham Raise

Many Strength and Conditioning coaches will often say that the major cause of in athletes they train is down to in-balances in strength between over developed quadricep muscles under active glutes and weak hamstrings. Here at Savage Strength we have a simple answer for this, introducing the Watson Glute Ham Raise. This piece of kit could provide you with everything you need to reduce hamstring and glute weaknesses that can so often lead to injury. Increasing strength, size and power in your lower posterior chain could also be the key to enhancing athletic performance.

The Watson Glute Ham Raise is quickly becoming one of our best selling products with people realising the amazing benefits this machine has to offer.

Different to all the other 'wobbly' Glute Ham Raises on the market, the Watson Glute Ham Raise has the carriage supported by double steel runners totally eliminating all play and giving the machine an extremely secure and solid feel.

No other Glute Ham Raise can be as finely adjusted and set up to give the perfect feel for every athlete and every exercise.

The fully adjustable carriage allows you to set up the Watson Glute Ham Raise very precisely for each exercise. This is great for performing a huge range of exercises including
•Glute Ham Raise
•Back Extensions
•Straight Leg Sit Ups
•Bilateral Leg Lifts
•One Leg Glute Ham Raises
•One Leg Back Raises
•Side Bending Torso Training
•Russian Twists

The Pneumex ProVibe is an industrial platform designed to withstand the abuse of professional athletes. The unit is made of industrial steel, has the largest surface area (32"x40") of any vibration plate on the market and a load capacity of 1200lbs. It has a frequency range from 10-60hz and a low and high amplitude settings. The Pro-vibe is designed to allow Olympic style lifting and plyometrics on the platform. However, it is just as effective for core exercises and extremity massage.
• Improve muscle strength
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Enhance
• Increase bone density
• Rehabilitate injuries and ailments
• Accelerate weight loss
• Reduce lower back pain

In addition the treadmill goes a maximum speed of 31 mph and I have attached photos of the equipment.

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