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Saturday 22 September 2012

4 x used CYBEX commercial treadmills for sale


I have 4 x used CYBEX 530T PRO+ full commercial grade treadmills for sale if anyone is interested. The machines are from an existing customer in the UK and I have serviced and maintained them for the last few years. I know that they are all in good working order. Each one has a service history and has been looked after by their previous owner with new running belts and motors being fitted in the last 2 years. They can be supplied fully serviced, with delivery and installation on site if you wish. You can read up on the specification of these machines here


Let me know if you are interested..…..they won’t hang around for long and I’m giving you first shout before we advertise them more generally!


Email me at for you’d like more info. I’ll consider any offer.


The Treadmill Engineer
Northwick Associates Limited
Experts in fitness machine technology
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Anonymous said...

Very pleased with service from Jon

The Treadmill Engineer said...

Please note that these particular Cybex treadmills have been sold. If you need something like this then please contact me!