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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Sea, Sun and a Proform

Started off the day in Blackpool in the sunshine! I followed the coast down to Liverpool and crossed the Mersey via the Tunnel. Fitted another PoweDeck to a Reebok TR4 treadmill. The PowerDeck is our own replacement running deck (or running platform/running board if you prefer). There’s a previous Blog about the PowerDeck if you want to know more. It’s virtually indestrucible.

I also diagnosed a problem on a Proform treadmill. This one had the obsolete MC2000ES motor control board. Remember the name! That’s the one that was the first generation to combine the power board and motor controller into one convenient circuit board! However, a word of caution for Proform/Nordic Track and Weslo owners – the motor control boards and motors tend to fail as a pair so it’s always worth getting the treadmill fully tested by an expert before you go buying and fitting any spare parts. There is also a lot of nonsense on the internet about how to test a treadmill motor using a battery. My advice is don’t believe a word of it. I’ll Blog details shortly about why this is not a robust testing method……! 

By the way, our PowerDrive is suitable as a replacement for the MC2000ES - provided the motor is ok!!

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Unknown said...

Where can I buy raw treadmill deck material? It's a 1" thick MDF board with a phenolic laminate top correct?

The Treadmill Engineer said...

Hi Michael. The PowerDeck running platform we use is made to our own specification by a specialist manufacturer so you can't buy this product in the shops. Most manufacturers use MDF or plywood board around 20-25mm thick (1") and usually they have a highly resistant surface such as phenol laminated to the surface. I'm sure you would be able to buy the raw materials needed but you'd need to go to a trade supplier and buy a large sheet (probably way more than you need!). I have heard that people have used kitchen worktops as running platforms but I think this will be too thick and too brittle. It may be easier if you buy a broken treadmill from eBay and salvage the running platform and re-cut it to size!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've got a Lifefitness 95te and as I switched it on today it popped and displayed something like motor something gone bad. Just looking at prices to get an engineer out and possible part and repair prices please (Lincoln)

The Treadmill Engineer said...

Hi, thanks for your message. I would recommend a diagnosis as the first step. This is the cheapest option at £49+VAT. The fault could be the motor control board or the motor or both. Sometimes these problems come from lack of lubrication to the running belt and a diagnosis will address all of these possibilities. If you'd like a visit then just go to and book yourself in using the online booking form. It's very easy to do!

jonny said...

hi there could you put me inthe right direction for purchasing one of your powerboards for the proform 590hr, i have had the motor checked and its fine, the spd sig led does not illuminate and according to the fault diagnosis on the paper inside the lid says that if this does not illuminate to replace the motor controlller board,

The Treadmill Engineer said...

Hi Jonny

Try here