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Thursday 31 May 2012

Russell Watson, a PowerDeck and a hidden movie!

Thursday: We completed a belt-lube service to Russell Watson’s Spirit XT685 treadmill and fitted a PowerDeck to a Bremshey treadmill amongst other things!

The Spirit XT685 is a light-commercial treadmill and needs quite a lot of space. Russell uses it for general fitness when he is not on tour. These treadmills aren’t made to fold up like normal doemstic machines and so the bigger size allows these machines to accommodate a large motor, cooling fans and uprated electronics. That means they can run for 4-6 hours every day whereas a conventional domestic treadmill is limited to around 1 hour! The XT865 is a very nice machine if you have the space and it also comes with a lifetime warranty if you use it in your home. (Russell is currently on tour and involved in the Jubilee celebrations and he has a new album out . Busy man!).

PowerDeck is the name of our own replacment running platform. The Bremshey treadmill it went on has had two new running platforms already and it’s only a few years old! Wisely, the owner decided that enough was enough and that it was time to upgrade to the PowerDeck. I think the PowerDeck will out-last the treadmill. The deck is made from high-grade marine ply and we add a special abrasive resistant running surface (the exact specifiaction is a trade secret). There is a movie on youtube which shows the front wheel of my 3.5T Renault Master van supported by a section of PowerDeck. I was going to add the movie to our website but it really needs re-shooting and I need to try to look more lively! So for now, it’s tucked away in the bowels of our youtube site (if you really want to see it, you can sneek a preview here ).

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